Allergen Data

Looking for further information regarding our beers? Click the button below for our allergen data spreadsheet for 2024.


All of our beers are brewed with the four classic brewing ingredients; malted barley, hops, yeast and water. Though many of our ales have low gluten levels, none yet are certified Gluten-Free, we therefore advise that our beers are not suitable for gluten-intolerant drinkers.


Whilst we are pleased to offer a range of vegan suitable brews (Alchemist Lager/Raven King IPA/Lunardi’s Pale), most of our cask ales are clarified with isinglass finings, an ingredient which is non-vegan.


At present, we do not brew low/no-alcohol or certified Gluten-Free beers – watch this space for any future updates!

As a cask ale brewer, we do not produce any cider, spirits or mead in-house, though many can be found for retail purchase at our welcoming brewery shop.


Any other questions or queries regarding our brews? Please do not hesitate to call the office direct on 01442 890721