Beer Care

We put a lot of effort into each and every drop of beer that leaves the brewery. To ensure you enjoy it at it’s best here’s a few helpful tips to keep it in great condition on the journey from our shop to your glass.

Glass bottles
These comes in two different formats, filtered and unfiltered. For both we advise drinking at around 10˚C which means storing them in a cool place or popping them in the fridge for 1/2 hour before serving. They can be consumed at a lower temperature if you prefer.

The unfiltered beers are naturally opaque. On standing, there may be some sedimentation, so pour gently into the glass in one motion.

Draught beer
This beer is decanted from our conditioning tanks straight into containers for you to take away and enjoy. Available in a variety of sizes it is, by default, supplied ‘bright’. This means we’ve decanted into the container of your choice without any sediment so you can enjoy it straight away. This product has a shelf life of 7 days unopened, 3 days once opened.

Keep it cool… not cold
Draught beer is best stored and served cool, ideally around 12˚C. Our 1, 2, 3 litre bottles and 5 litre tins can be popped in the fridge for 1/2 hour before serving. Ice packs wrapped in a cloth and placed on the upper surface of the 10 litre mini-poly and 20 litre poly will help keep them cool.
 Finally we’re onto the firkins. The best way to keep these cool is with a damp towel laid on top.

Now we’re on to the big servings, 72 pints to be precise. This is served to you in a stainless steel firkin which, within a few quick steps will yield a flow of beautiful Tring beer. CLICK HERE for instructions.