Previous CharitiesSince the birth of the brewery, we have been proud to have supported charities and events both at a local and national level. It’s our way of giving back something to a community that has supported us in our growth and development.

In many cases, we are involved directly with the charities, especially local ones, although it is more common for us to be the supplier of beer for events that have a fundraising agenda. It is very rare for us to make financial contributions to the support of charities unless it is money raised from beer sales at an event we have hosted, such as The Dapper Drinker, Tring Carnival or Blues in the Brewery.

Over the past few years we have seen an increasing number of requests for our fundraising support through events of all sizes. However, with requests now coming through on an almost daily basis we have had to introduce some methods to filter them. If we continue to give away product we may become unable to support anyone, and we don’t want that to happen… sometimes lives depend on it.

We get a lot of people asking if beer really helps them make money so we have generated the following breakdown: if you purchase 72 pint cask of Side Pocket from us at our typical “charity rate” and sold that at £4.00 per pint you’d see a profit of over £150. It’s an easy way to make a bit more money for your chosen charity and keep the attendees of your event happy.

What would we like in return? Well a bit of advertising never hurts and really all we ask is that you pop in from time to time to buy some beer, maybe tell your friends about us as well.

Our Charity pledge for 2024 and onwards

We will continue support for school fundraising events specifically those in Tring, Berkhamsted, Aldbury, Pitstone, Marsworth and Wigginton.

We will continue support for local/regional charities with registered charitable status.

Members of the public holding a private fundraising event for a charity must provide us with a letter from said charity stating this to be the case. Regrettably we cannot support all applications.

Unless otherwise agreed, our support will continue to be through either the free or discounted issue of product and where possible the marketing of your event.

Tring Brewery 2024 Charity

Hector’s House

Hector’s House helps to prevent suicide and reduce mental health stigma in the South East, through education, awareness and support. Hector’s House was founded in 2016 to campaign in the name of Hector Stringer, a Tring local who sadly took his life aged 18. Not sure what help you need or where to turn to? Hector’s House specialise in signposting you to the right place to ensure you get the support you need and deserve – with you every step of the way.