Regrettably, our conventional 1L/2L/3L containers are not reusable as they are not durable enough to withstand high temperature container sterilisation, though they (along with our 5L metal mini-kegs) can be recycled at home or made into clothing, more packaging and even cars. When disposing of 18 and 36 pint polys, please separate the plastic inner from the cardboard outer.

We are excited to stock growlers, which are stainless steel refillable beer containers, available in one litre or two litre sizes. Our branded, matte-finished growlers are infinitely reusable, keeping beer both cool and fresh.

The team at Tring Brewery shop will happily refill any glass or stainless steel container clearly marked at one or two litres, which we can rinse and then decant into. We do request all containers be rinsed before they are brought into the brewery shop, and we do reserve the right to refuse the refill of any unsuitable containers.