Food and drink can be paired in a variety of ways to create unique dining experiences. Whether it be haute cuisine or a ‘panini & a pint’, Tring Brewery can help you elevate your menu.

Written by our sommelier-in-training and member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, Jared Ward, the pairings below have been curated with well-regarded eateries and local producers.

Though just a snapshot of how Tring beers may be food-matched, the collaborations below are tested examples of the ‘Four Cs of Beer & Food Pairing’ – Compliment + Cleanse + Compare + Context.

If you would like help in curating Tring beer for your menu, please call us on 01442 89071.


With Yvette’s Chocolates of Potten End

Single Origin Soa Thome with Death or Glory Barleywine

Compare pairing: Notes of wood and sweet vanilla from the Soa Thome are perfect complements to the rich, treacly barleywine. Both components exhibit flavours of red fruit, rounded out with hints of molasses.


With Beechwood Fine Foods of Tring

Tea Kettle Stout with Charcoal Cheddar

Context pairing: As a context match, this pairing plays into our culinary experiences of British culture. A hunk of cheddar is a cornerstone of the iconic ploughman’s lunch, nourishing hungry workers and weary walkers alike. All washed down with a thirst-quenching pint of cask ale – it just feels right!

Not only is this a great contextual pairing but both components also offer nutty, roasty notes. Finished with a touch of smoke and full-bodied mouthfeel.”


With Chiltern Charcuterie of Berkhamsted

Pale Four IPA with N’duja Spreadable Salami

Cleansing pairing: A riff on the classic combination of pale ale and spicy food. The heat of the N’duja is cut through perfectly by a bracing bitterness from steely American hops. The gamey profile of cured meat is lifted by the effervescent aromas of tropical fruit and pine.


With Alford Arms, Frithsden

Moongazing Amber Ale With Crispy Devilled Mackerel Fillet with Cucumber Linguine, Crème Fraîche and Dill Dressing

Compliment pairing: A very intricate and well-made dish that was an absolute thrill to beer match!”

“High notes of fresh herbs and cucumber are complimented by the pine and stonefruit of our core-range American Amber. Red Rye malt gives a slick mouthfeel whilst grapefruit aromas provide a refreshing contrast to the seafood and crème fresh.”


With The Original Biltong Company of Chesham

Colleys Dog with Venison Droewors

Compliment pairing: Sweet biscuit and caramel from chewy malts hold steady in the face of the rich, gamey venison. Notes of spice and hedgerow fruits from British hops play well into the cuts of nutty, herbaceous meat. The droewor’s fattiness and salinity are kept in check by our beer’s robust malt backbone.

customer testimony

“Tring Brewery are a fantastic local brand who we are proud to feature on our menu, their varying styles of beer make for an amazing experience for our customers looking to pair fine food with a quality drinks option.”

Culinary Collaborations


With Grim Reaper Foods

We had a great time working with Grim Reaper Foods to produce Raven King Hot Sauce. Raven King hot sauce is made using our flagship IPA, fruity American hops, fresh pineapples and fiery scotch bonnet peppers.

“Notes of grapefruit and mango cut through the sweet heat of Scotch Bonnets for the perfect BBQ drizzle.”

Dog Chutney

With Jim & Jules Chutney

Jim & Jules are local independent artisans who create amazing jams, chutneys and more.
We were delighted for Jim & Jules to use our award-winning barleywine, Death or Glory, to craft a traditional chunky chutney – perfect for winter cheeseboards and delicious sandwiches.

Dog Mustard

With Jim & Jules Chutney

A second creation with our friends Jim & Jules, Death or Glory Mustard is a blend of whole-grain mustard and our sweet, treacly barleywine. Amazing on bagels and bratwursts!

Dog Chompers

With Chiltern Charcuterie

Born from our many pairing events in the brewhouse, Death or Glory chomper sticks are a blend of the finest beef and pork, herbs and spices and our luscious strong ale. Our collaborative chompers stick are the ultimate beer snack!

Dog Christmas Pudding

With Nevie Pie Cakes

Death or Glory offers notes of fruitcake and sherry, flavours that play perfectly into a luscious Christmas Pudding. Natasha Collins of Nevie Pie Cakes (Berkhamsted) has worked with Harrods and Selfridges, as well as Fortnum and Mason. It is a privilege to local talent with national acclaim each year when creating our sweet festive treats!


We like to write recipes for the budding chef to follow at home, incorporating one of our many ales into a range of seasonal dishes. Our latest recipe is for ‘Death or Glory Haggis Sausage Rolls’, you can read the instructions by clicking the link below.

For pairing suggestions, tasting notes, advice and so much more please call us direct on 01442 890721.

Death or Glory Haggis Sausage Rolls