Discerning drinkers in Hertfordshire are in for a treat, as the home-counties has a new premium lager – Alchemist.

Alchemist is Hertfordshire’s new independent lager, brewed by Tring Brewery using the finest hops from the Czech Republic and Germany.

Hersbrucker (DE) and Saaz (CZ) hops have been blended with quality malt and authentic lager yeast for notes of gentle spice and sweet grain.

alchemist PS2Pouring from the taps in pubs and bars across Herts, Beds and Bucks, Alchemist takes its’ namesake and imagery from a legend amongst local folklore.

Jared in PR and Events explains:

Alchemist Lager takes its’ name and design from the story of Dr John Kellerman, a scientist and practising magician who honed his talent for the dark arts in his mansion-come-laboratory in the village of Lilley, Hertfordshire!

Kellerman’s mansion was supposedly converted into a highly-guarded fortress, where the doctor would perform alchemy to create heaps of gold.

Once his secret got out and the fort was compromised, The Alchemist escaped through his skills of disappearance and vanished, along with his secret methods, forevermore.“

Though, as a brewery, Tring have produced real ale for three decades, Alchemist marks our first foray into the world of lager. Andrew Jackson, Brewery director says:

“The timing just felt right. Long, hot days are approaching, and drinkers everywhere are more discerning as to what they enjoy.

Long associated with mass-production and globalisation, lager has faced a bad reputation in the UK, a rep that is starting to change.

Consumers are more discerning than ever. Many are becoming aware that lager is just another beer style, perfected by master artisans in Germany, the Czech Republic, and now, the world over.

Authentic continental lagers were our inspiration. We’re looking to offer drinkers an independent product crafted with passion, brewed in the home-counties with the finest ingredients and processes. We’re excited to launch Alchemist, to us, it’s liquid gold!”

Alchemist Lager is available now in many local outlets, all of which can be found on the Alchemist Lager landing page, where cases of bottles can be ordered for nationwide delivery.

“Cheers to Alchemist Lager… it’s liquid gold!”




Alchemist Liquid Gold