It’s #PlasticFreeJuly and to celebrate we’re releasing brand new refillable growlers.

At Tring Brewery we believe that our beers are a product of their surroundings. Water sourced from the Chiltern hills and the very best British malts are used to create some our favourite brews; the environment around us matters.

Every day we are pushing to become a more sustainable and environmentally responsible brewery, a massive part of this is reducing single use plastics where ever possible.

Introducing our brand-new growlers.

Stainless steel and emblazoned with our very own Mr Toad, our new refillable containers will keep your beer cool and eco-conscious.

One and two litre sizes are available to purchase now at the brewery shop, with a 10 pence per litre discount offered on refills forever.

Few and many small steps can lead to massive changes, changes that will help us preserve the beautiful world around us – we can all raise a glass to that.