Tring Brewery have collaborated with local soap-maker Nicky Gordon to create a beer scented soap bar, with all profits donated to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.

Each bar is made using a traditional cold-pressed method and crafted with only plant-based oils, such as shea butter and olive oil. To mark the collaboration, soap bars have been blended with Tring Brewery’s flagship beer Side Pocket for a Toad, evoking notes of hops and gentle spices.

At the centre of Side Pocket’s imagery is the brewery’s mascot, Mr. Toad – a playful amphibian character who has inspired the team at Tring to donate Beer Soap profits to a local wildlife charity.

The benefits of Beer Soap can be enjoyed by wildlife and humans alike, as each bar is crafted with brew-charged properties that are kind to the skin. Important minerals and vitamins can be found in beer, including Vitamin B and Potassium which are easily absorbed by the skin.

As Tring Brewery’s flagship ale, Side Pocket for a Toad is celebrated for its luscious hoppy profile, these hops contain skin softening amino acids that can help nourish the skin. The polyphenols naturally present in hops are thought to help combat skin redness and irritation. Brewer’s yeast acts as an antibacterial agent which can help fight acne as it gently cleanses the skin. The ale’s naturally occurring sugars attribute a creamy lather to the soap, making Beer Soap bars appropriate for both shaving and general cleansing.

Jared, public relations at Tring Brewery explains:

“We are thrilled to launch these unique beer-scented soaps, raising money for our close friends at Tiggywinkles Wilidlife Hospital in Haddenham. This project has been exhilarating and though it has pushed us out of our comfort zone, we have been guided by brilliant local soap-maker Nicky Gordon who has offered advice and expertise throughout.

Nicky has helped us to make a truly distinct soap with refreshing notes of hops and a rich, creamy lather. It has been a wonderful experience from start to finish, creating a special product to raise funds for wildlife in the surrounding area.”

Soap-maker Nicky remarks:

“When Jared from Tring Brewery asked me whether I would consider collaborating to support their local charity Tiggywinkles, by making a beer soap with their flagship ale, it took me a nano second to agree! What a fabulous charity to support. Tring Brewery have been great fun to work with and I have really enjoyed developing a range of beer soaps, using the beers brewed at Tring Brewery.”

Tring Brewery’s limited-edition collaboration with Nicky Gordon is on sale now. Beer Soaps weigh at least 75g and are sold for £6 each. Beer Soaps can be purchased in-store at the Tring Brewery shop or online for nationwide delivery from and

100% of profits from the sale of Beer Soaps will be donated to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.