Tring Brewery is delighted to announce that we have been named ‘Environment Heroes’ by Dacorum Borough Council.

As part of their annual ‘Business Heroes’ awards the local council sighted three key areas that made Tring Brewery an award-winning operation.

Firstly, the brewery proudly upcycles its spent grains (left as wastage from the brewing process). This spent grain is used for cattle feed on Dunsley Farm, providing sustenance and happiness for many cows – with zero food miles to boot!

Secondly the council were impressed with the efficiency of heat recovery during the brewing process. Heat from the backend of one brew is exchanged as the liquid is cooled, used in turn to warm up the next, cutting down on boil energy.

Lastly a new item in the brewery shop, stainless-steel refillable growlers were recognised to be leading the fight against single-use plastics.

The team at the brewery is incredibly happy to be recognised for its commitment to preserving the local environment and will continue to grow as an eco-conscience local producer.

Cheers to a greener Dacorum!