Tring Brewery are proud to announce our first ever collaboration brew.

Launched today, Red Roamer has been brewed in collaboration with The Wandering Brewer Project. Red Roamer is a 4.3% red ale; hopped with Jester, a new variety of British hop.

The Wandering Brewer Project is headed up by Ian Jones, an avid brewing veteran who met the Tring Brewery team in a classic Hertfordshire pub back in 2018.

The backdrop of this setting inspired Ian (and the rest of the team at The Wandering Brewer Project) to brew up a storm with Tring Brewery at Tring’s brewhouse on Dunsley Farm.

The resulting beer has been brewed with Aromatic malt, imparting chewy body and a ruby red hue to the beer. Jester, a new variety of British hop, accompanies the malts to offer fruity aromas, with a smooth and sweet finish.

The beer is to be released in cask today across many home-counties pubs. Red Roamer will also enjoy a release in Tring’s brewery shop, where the collaboration will be available exclusively on draught.

Cheers to our first ever collaborative brew!